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In order to get more visitors on their website, many online online poker rooms have introduced a technique that gains the attention of online gamblers: poker deposit bonuses. This is not applicable only to poker games, but to all the other casino games available online. As aforementioned this is a way to market a website and also get more players joining in. either it is a newly created site or an old one. Poker deposit bonuses are a reality that you should definitely benefit from. But let's take a closer look at these bonuses and see how they work.

By definition, a poker deposit bonus is the reward that you get once you decide to make a deposit into a casino poker account. Basically you sign up with an account on a specific online casino site and you will get a bonus the moment you deposit some money into the designated account. The purpose is to attract you on that site and keep you as a constant customer. It is also a marketing strategy along with many other enticing promos that websites consider offering to their visitors.

Now it is important to know that not all websites offer the same amount which is usually defined as a percentage of the amount you plan to deposit. Some websites will offer a bonus of 25% of the amount you load your account with. For instance, if you deposit $100, then your account will have a total of $125. But there are as well other casino websites offering poker deposit bonuses of 100% even up to 200% under various conditions.

So if you deposit $100 you will end up having in your account the total of $200 to start your gambling with. The maximum however of this poker deposit bonus will never go more than 200%, no matter how hard you are looking for a higher percentage; this is the maximum that you can get.

Before you join any of these websites promising high percentage bonuses, it is important to read the terms under which you will get this money. You will find out that there are websites that will offer you the bonus but only after you have gambled a specified amount of money. Others will give you 100% or 110% bonus but you will be replied that you will get the bonus only up to $100 or $200 and no more than this amount. For instance if you plan on depositing $400 you will not get an extra $400, but only $100 or $200, so don't expect to have an increase of money into your account just because you have signed up with a 100% bonus poker website.

Ah, and one more thing: some poker websites can limit geographically the possibility of getting a poker deposit bonus. For instance you may come across a site that offers the bonus only for USA gamblers.

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